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Government Consulting

The support that you require - Federal, State and Municipal

Connecticut's Top Municipal Consultanting Firm 2022

Unlock the potential for economic growth in your locality with our trusted and specialized consulting services. As contracted consultants for local, regional, and national levels of government, we play a pivotal role in driving economic development. When you face limitations in capacity or lack the expertise to accomplish your municipal initiatives, Tangible steps in to bridge the gap and ensure your success.

Don't miss out on valuable funding opportunities. Optimize your processes and maximize efficiency to make the most of available resources. Identify areas for improvement and prioritize citizen satisfaction to enhance the overall quality of governance.

Our project-based support and long-term consulting services have a proven track record of delivering results that promote economic growth and prosperity. Partnering with us will provide you with the expertise and strategies needed to advance your locality's development agenda.

Our comprehensive consulting services encompass a range of critical areas:

  • Grant Writing (University Certified): Tap into our expertise in crafting compelling grant proposals that secure funding for your initiatives.

  • Grant Administration (DOH Certified): Ensure effective management and utilization of grants through our certified administration services.

  • Workflow Automation: Streamline your processes, eliminate redundancies, and increase productivity through automation.

  • Economic Reporting: Gain insights and make informed decisions with accurate and comprehensive economic reports.

  • Strategic Planning: Develop strategic initiatives and roadmaps for long-term success and sustainable growth.

  • Human Resource and Compensation Audit: Assess and optimize your human resource practices to attract and retain top talent.

  • Specialized Studies & Analysis: Conduct in-depth studies and analysis tailored to your specific needs.

  • Software Development and Deployment: Custom software solutions to address your unique requirements and drive efficiency.

Leverage our expertise and experience to unlock the full potential of your locality's economic growth. Empower your initiatives, enhance citizen satisfaction, and drive progress. 

Government consulting services and software development and federal contracting
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