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Connecticut's Fastest Growing Grant Consultancy 2021

From 2018 - 2021 Tangible has helped secure nearly $3.5 Million of funding for municipalities nation-wide.
Do you see outstanding initatives?  Could your organization benefit from economic growth? Do you have sufficient staff for improvement? Is it in your budget?

As accredited grant preparers, our processes are data driven with a community focus.  We consider all avenues of expressing your need for project or city development and we strive to provide a clear expression of your organization's values in effort to secure funding.

Our focus is Municipal economic development but we've consistently secure funding for non-profit organizations and start ups since 2019.

Grant services include:

- Grant (administration) Lifecycle Management
- Application Preparation
- Grant (narrative) Writing and Financial Analysis
- On-call Consultancy

- Financial/Budgeting
-  State of Connecticut Department of Housing Community Development Block Grant Certifed


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