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Grant Writing & Administration

Helping you develop through funding and strategy

Connecticut's Fastest Growing Grant Consultancy 2022

Unlock the potential for economic growth and secure funding for your municipality or nonprofit organization with Tangible Analytics Consulting. Since 2018, we have successfully helped secure nearly $12 million+ of funding for municipalities nationwide.

Do you have outstanding initiatives waiting to be realized? Could your organization benefit from economic growth and development? Are you facing resource constraints that hinder improvement? Is it within your budget to achieve your goals?

As accredited grant preparers, we employ data-driven processes with a community focus. We understand the importance of effectively expressing your organization's need for project or city development to secure funding. Our experienced team strives to provide a clear and compelling expression of your organization's values, aligning them with potential funders' objectives.

While our primary focus is municipal economic development, we have consistently secured funding for nonprofit organizations and startups since 2019. Our expertise extends to grant administration lifecycle management, application preparation, grant narrative writing and financial analysis, on-call consultancy, financial budgeting, and State of Connecticut Department of Housing Community Development Block Grant (CDB) preparation.

Our comprehensive grant services include:


  • Grant (Administration) Lifecycle Management: We guide you through the entire grant process, managing every stage from identifying suitable funding opportunities to overseeing grant administration.

  • Application Preparation: Our skilled team crafts well-structured and persuasive grant applications that highlight your organization's strengths and align with the requirements of funders.

  • Grant (Narrative) Writing and Financial Analysis: We develop compelling narratives and conduct thorough financial analysis to present a comprehensive case for funding.

  • On-call Consultancy: Benefit from our expertise and advice on grant-related matters whenever you need it.

  • Financial/Budgeting: We provide financial and budgeting expertise to ensure your grant proposals are aligned with your organization's financial goals and requirements.

  • State of Connecticut Department of Housing CDB Prep: We are equipped to assist with grant services specifically related to the Community Development Block Grant offered by the State of Connecticut Department of Housing.


Partner with Tangible Analytics Consulting to unlock funding opportunities and drive the economic growth of your municipality or nonprofit organization.

Contact us today to discuss how our grant services can help you realize your outstanding initiatives and secure the resources needed to make a meaningful impact.

Community Development Block Grant Certified

State of CT Department of Housing CDBG Certification
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