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Politics - The Answer To Your Question

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

On November 7th, many of you found yourselves waking up to check the election updates. Whether you checked the results on your cell phone, turned on the television or read a newspaper you almost certainly began your analysis.

Since starting Tangible Analytics Consulting in September of 2017, business people in and out of my network have asked me the questions (incessantly) “what is analytics?”, “what does analytics mean?” or “what can analytics do for me?”. My response is always detailed and after 30 seconds or so, I see the quintessential glaze move across both the eyes of my prospective customer.

2018’s mid-term election, more specifically the results, have exposed all of those concerned to the simple (yet sophisticated) nature of analytics and more importantly the effectiveness of data visualization.

The image that you see above this line of text is a called a filled map, geographic map, heat map or a number of other names depending on the program and the conditions of the analysis. This simple visualization tool clearly defines metrics such as volume of votes in a given area (percentage of voters), represented by a scale of color from dark to light and of course a distinct characteristic of blue to represent democrats and red to represent a republican vote.

As more data (additional votes) is entered into your place of storage and eventual analysis, the visualization changes.

Your interpretation cannot vary because the scale by which the votes (data) are entered is clearly defined. There cannot be confusion.

This simple method of understanding (and MANY other visualization techniques) can be applied to your organization as well. Below is a clip of a geo-map used to track volume of sales for a given company. Apply this to finance, logistics, marketing…

The potential is nearly unlimited. By implementing systems of this nature and being exposed to a person or team that TRULY understands how to create data-driven strategy, it is a guarantee that your company will benefit in ways such as increased margins, lower marketing cost, increase in business efficiency and even improved employee morale.

Visualization, although a useful tool is only one small tip of the analytics and data science iceberg.

For more information on how Tangible can help you benefit from these practices, contact us via the information below:

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